Are Tasco scopes any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Scope! TASCO has been making optics for a long time, I think since the Mid 50’s. They are known for their telescopes. However, their Rifle scopes are very good and I would put them up against any scope.

Who manufactures Tasco scopes?

Vista Outdoor Inc.
For over 50 years, they’ve offered quality products at prices for any family’s budget. Tasco operates under Vista Outdoor Inc., a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of outdoor sports and recreation.

What distance is a 4 12×40 scope Good For?

The Revolution 4-12×40 is available only in matte black but can be had with either a duplex reticle or Redfield’s Accu-Range reticle which provides aiming points out to 500 yards.

Who owns Tasco scopes?

Bushnell Performance Optics
Bushnell Performance Optics bought the Tasco trade name and all intellectual property of Tasco Worldwide Inc.

Does Tasco scopes have a lifetime warranty?

The Tasco Optics Limited Lifetime Warranty Every Tasco Optics product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Tasco Optics will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Tasco Optics product that is defective.

Where are Bushnell scopes made?

Where are Bushnell Elite scopes made? All of Bushnell’s current offering of Elite rifle scopes are made in Japan. The older Elite series, like the 3200, 3500, 4200, 4500, and 6500 scope models, were also manufactured in Japan as well.

Are Tasco scopes lifetime warranty?

What happened to Tasco?

On May 29, 2002, Tasco Worldwide initiated liquidation of all its assets. after defaulting on nearly $30 million in loans.

Does Bushnell make Tasco?

In 2002, Bushnell bought the sporting optics company Tasco. Tasco is a major international distributor of telescopes. The company’s line of products mainly target amateur astronomers but has grown to include many products besides telescopes. Tasco sells through specialty outlets, catalogs, and online vendors.