Are Ritmuller pianos good?

What makes the Ritmuller so good? Their incredible designs are by one of Europe’s highest regarded piano designers, Lother Thoma. Mr. Thoma is world renowned for his piano scaless and has been responsible for or has been part of the team on some of the highest rated and most expensive pianos from Europe.

Where are Ritmüller pianos made?

Guangzhou, China
Description and differences: The Ritmüller piano line is manufactured in Guangzhou, China by the Pearl River Piano Group. The Ritmüller line is considered the more European sounding line of pianos with many upgrades from the Pearl River line.

Is Kayserburg piano good?

“The Kayserburg concert grand is an extremely satisfying piano to play. The sound can penetrate very well, which means it will have no problem to be a piano concerto instrument together with a full size orchestra. The coating of the keys provides high security against sweat and slips. The key action is very responsive.

Where are Kayserburg pianos made?

Pearl River Piano
Kayserburg has established itself as the top brand of the world’s biggest piano manufacturer Pearl River Piano Co Ltd. Created by Swiss piano designer Lothar Tomma it is produced in the Pearl River factory by a select team of piano builders headed by Swiss chief technician Stephan Mohler.

How much does a baby grand Yamaha piano cost?

Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano: MSRP: Starting at $14,999 – $19,179 On Sale! Contact us for Pricing!

Why are grand pianos so expensive?

The simple answer is because pianos are more expensive to manufacture than lesser quality instruments. Fact: Pianos are mostly made of wood. The finest materials—top grade spruce, wool felt, expensive hard rock maple, veneers, and all the components that go into the making of a piano — will affect the end result.

Who is Ritmuller master piano designer?

Lothar Thomma
The Ritmüller is perfected by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma – and the Classic 118 [H: 118cm; W: 60cm; L: 150cm] has been the top-selling Ritmüller piano of recent years.

How much does a Ritmuller upright piano cost?

Ritmuller uprights list pricing ranges from $5,441 USD to $9,522. Ritmuller grand piano list pricing ranges from $12,124 USD to $82,205. Where are Ritmuller pianos manufactured?

What kind of wood is used for Ritmuller pianos?

European piano design is the foundation for the construction of each individual Ritmüller model. From wet sand-cast iron plates to close-grained solid spruce soundboards, and from German hammers and felt to rock maple bridges and pin-blocks, Ritmüller upright and grand pianos are manufactured to the highest standards.

Who was the first composer to play on a Ritmuller piano?

Beginning in 1795, Ritmüller quickly became one of the most acclaimed and innovative names in European piano making. Many of the most famous composers of the 19th century became devoted to Ritmüller pianos, including Johannes Brahms who often played on a Ritmüller in the city of Göttingen.

Where did Johannes Brahms play the Ritmuller piano?

Known as an uncompromising perfectionist, Johannes Brahms played a Ritmüller piano when in the German city of Göttingen.