Are AKG K240 good for mixing?

What I’ve heard from most users is that the AKG K240s are the best mixing and mastering headphones you can get at an affordable price. Despite their flimsy construction, I’ve also heard of some folks owing them for over 30 years (yes, they’re old). The comfort-level is excellent for long mixing and mastering sessions.

Are AKG headphones good for mixing?

The K701 headphones from AKG are an ideal choice for those producers who want audiophile-quality headphones that are also flat and transparent in terms of frequency response. If you do not have studio monitors this is a great headphone to use due to the open-back.

Is AKG K240 good for listening to music?

Sound quality We have tested the AKG K240 in our studio mixing genres ranging from EDM all the way to jazz and orchestral music. they really do justice with almost all bass light genres. In our opinion, the K-240 are one of the best budget-friendly studio headphones in the world in terms of sound quality.

Do AKG K240 have a mic?

AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open Over-Ear Professional Studio Headphones P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone.

Is AKG K240 a flat response?

According to the frequency response graph based on a test by headroom the AKG 240S is not really flat, it overaccentuates bass… When I looked at how they perform the tests in headroom, they say they use “higher than listening level” volume…

Are AKG k240s good?

The K240 Studio is a great option for anyone working on a shoestring budget who can’t afford to compromise sound quality. The semi-open design promotes accurate sound reproduction. Sub-bass response is lacking, so if you a more neutral response across the frequency spectrum, keep looking.

Is AKG a good headphone brand?

AKG Acoustics is definitely a superb brand for headphones. With noise cancelling technology, plenty of durability, and 23 pairs of headphones meant for professional use, buying from AKG is a no brainer. AKG’s products would be good for any professional, whether you are in an office or in a music studio.

Are AKG K240s good?

How many ohms are the AKG K240?

55 Ohm
AKG K240 Studio Features: Low, 55 Ohm impedance, plug-in cable, Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit, Single cable for ease of use, Semi-open, circumaural design. AKG’S MOST POPULAR PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONE.

When were AKG K240 released?

AKG K240 Studio Headphones Review: A Quirky, Analytical Studio Classic. The K240 Studios are on sale through the end of August 2017 for about $54.

Are AKG headphones better than Beats?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless are better sounding and better-built headphones than the AKG N60NC Wireless. On the other hand, the Beats have an amazing 42-hour battery life, which is about three times longer than the AKG’s.

What kind of cable does AKG K240 studio use?

The AKG K240 Studio headphones also feature a professional mini XLR connector and come with a 3 meter cable and convertible jack plug for connecting portable equipment easily. Altogether, from performance and ease of use to comfort and reliability, the AKG K240 Studio is a powerful tool for production environments.

What makes the K240 Studio headphones so good?

Their advanced 30 mm XXL transducers with patented Varimotion diaphragms deliver a wide dynamic range, increased sensitivity and high sound levels, while their semi-open design provides a solid bass range and extremely clear highs.

When did the AKG K 140 monitor come out?

AKG introduced the K 140 in 1974 and the K 240 Monitor in 1975, which became the most widely used headphones in recording studios and broadcast facilities worldwide. Generations of musicians and audio engineers use these AKG products to create great mixes, hit songs and albums cherished by millions around the world.

What kind of cable does AKG pro headphones use?

The cable and headphones use mini XLR connectors for perfect contact and secure mechanical connection. The cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper and has gold plated plugs on both ends including the screw-on 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo jack adapter for maximum signal transfer.